• Jess

Time Is Money

If you were to die today, are you prepared? The reason I ask this is because how you spend your time now will determine how you spend your eternity.

At the start of every new year, everyone seems to be planning life goals but what we have to be thankful for is that we even made it to 2019. We don’t know whether we’ll make it to 2020 – for some of us this could be our last chapter. Time is such a precious gift from God that we often take for granted.

At the end of the day, God is going to ask you what you did with the time He gave you. Did you waste it or did you make a good investment to give back to Him? Are you spiritually profiting from the time He has lent you, or are you making a loss? Time is something you cannot get back. It’s not something you can just return, reuse or recycle so once it’s gone, it’s gone.

It frustrates me when people say they “don’t have time.” First of all, that’s impossible and what they truly mean is “you’re not my priority.” But imagine saying that to God. Imagine saying God – I didn’t put you first, even though I saw the blessings and miracles you did for me. The fact that you’re breathing and reading this now is a blessing.

We tend to forget all the little things God does for us, but the minute life gets difficult or sticky, we put the blame on God. But that’s the thing, we have to change our mindset to praise Him. Think about it - every trial is just a set up for a testimony and every blessing is a reflection of His unconditional love.

Healthy relationships prosper because of quality time and communication. The same way I reach for my phone, I want to be reaching for God. I want to have an intimate relationship with Him. Christianity is more than just a religion. It’s an intimate bond between the creator and His beloved children.

True love is a reflection of sacrifice. Christ sacrificed His life for you, so that you would turn back to Him and now He yearns for you to give Him a bit of your time. How can you possibly reject Christ in your life, when you see the things He has done for you. Setting aside a few minutes of prayer is all He desires of you.

When you put God first, everything else falls into place. When you make idols of things such as Netflix and Social Media, you’ll never be satisfied because that true joy and satisfaction comes from God’s presence and will never be fulfilled by any other worldly thing. Instead, let us binge on the Word of God, since it’s the one thing that’s concrete and true. When you love God, you’ll start to love His creation and others made in His image and more importantly, yourself.

So, if we live life like it might be our last chapter – let us live our best life. Let us live for the glory of God and let us be a reflection of his love in our broken world. No matter how far you’ve turned away from God, He will always welcome you back with open arms.

Remember: every saint’s got a past, every sinner’s got a future – so never think of yourself as unworthy of redemption. You get to write your own story. Let’s make 2019 the biggest plot twist by seeking God fervently and let us watch the growth He has for us.

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Created By Jessica Fernandes