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My Morning Routine With Jesus

Early mornings are the perfect time to meditate on the Word, because God speaks to us in the silence. In the last couple of months, I’ve challenged myself to stick to this routine and I’ve really loved it!!

Disclaimer: I’m not a morning person – but if I can do this, so can you…

I’ve seen so many benefits of this morning routine: I’m definitely less tired at school because I’ve given myself time to wake up, rather than force myself and I’ve spiritually profited by being on fire for the Lord. Trust me, it can be hard at times when you want that extra hour of sleep, but sometimes you have to deny yourself, by making time for Jesus and giving Him your undivided attention.

Everyday, I challenge myself to get out of bed one hour earlier than I normally would (for me this would be 6 am on a school day). If you’re struggling to stay awake, I recommend splashing cold water on your face or making yourself a cup of coffee.

Grab your Bibles, a notepad and your phone (make sure it’s on do not disturb...) and let’s get into the Word…

Step 1: Pray

Before we even dive into the Word, it's important to pray that God will open up our hearts to receive His Word and that the Holy Spirit will anoint us with the gifts of wisdom, knowledge and understanding to make sense of it. It’s about having a conversation with the Lord, casting your cares over to Him and thanking Him for a new day.

A simple prayer I like to pray, echoes the words of the Prophet Samuel:

“Speak Lord, your servant is listening…” – 1 Samuel 3:10

Step 2: Read, Compare & Research

Pick a Book in the Bible that you would love to study in depth. I recommend: Genesis, Ruth and 1 Samuel in the Old Testament, since these are all particularly interesting. If you’re not familiar with the stories in the Bible, the YouVersion Bible App is an amazing resource that has videos to illustrate these stories and point out a few overarching themes.

Once you’ve picked which part of Scripture you want to study, begin to read it in small chunks – this may be a few paragraphs at a time. You may have to re-read it a couple of times.

If a particular verse or two stands out to you, I recommend highlighting it and making a note. Next, I recommend comparing your translation to another translation, as this may further amplify the meaning.

As a bit of a Theology nerd, I actually flick between 6 different versions:

- The New Jerusalem Version (NJB - This is my Physical Bible & my main translation)

- The New Living Translation (NLT – Easy to read)

- The New International Version (NIV – Easy to read)

- The New Revised Standard Version (NRSV – Believed to be the most accurate translation by Theologian Scholars)

- The Good News Bible (GNBDK – Like the New Jerusalem Version it contains the Deuterocanonical Books, which Martin Luther took out *cough cough*)

- The Message Version (MSG – A more contemporary version)

The YouVersion Bible App is perfect as it allows me to compare 5 versions, in addition to the version of my physical Bible. It also allows you to customise what colours you want to highlight with, so for me I have a pastel theme.

Step 3: Make Notes

Reading and making notes go hand in hand – normally whenever a thought comes to mind I’ll write it down instantly. I recommend typing your notes on your phone because one: it’s much quicker and neater and two: it’s accessible on the go.

A few questions to consider when reading the Bible are:

- Context: Who wrote the passage? To whom was it written, when and why?

- Comprehension: What does the passage say and how does it contribute to a bigger story?

- Application: What does the passage reveal to us about God/ourselves and the way in which we should live our lives? How can we apply what it says to our lives?

You’ll be surprised how quickly thoughts come to mind, that you begin to analyse the Bible from a fresh new perspective. Sometimes placing myself into the story as one of the characters helps me to draw parallels to situations in my own life. Unpacking Scripture enables God to place messages on your heart that you can meditate upon throughout the day.

“The grass withers and the flowers fade but the word of our God stands forever.” – Isaiah 40:8

What we must remember is that the Bible is a book of absolute truth and a manual on how to do life but more importantly, it’s a love letter from God to His Creation. The Word will speak differently to different people, during different seasons of their life and that’s the pure beauty of His Word.

After spending an hour deep into the Word, I think it’s vital we conclude with pray and ask God to engrave his Word onto our hearts and for the grace to put it into practice.

Studying the Word is such a beautiful way to start the day off - I hope my morning routine gives you some motivation to develop your relationship with Jesus and grow spiritually this new academic year.

If you try it out please let me know how it goes either in the comments or on Instagram: @seedsofloveblog

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