• Jess

Guilty Of Crucifying Jesus

Jesus, I condemn you to death on a cross, every time I crucify you with my sin…

Jesus, I crown you with thorns, every time I choose to have pride, every time I place myself above others, every time I sin with my thoughts and mind, I force those thorns deeper.

Jesus, I scourge you with sharp bones which whip and strip away at your flesh, every time I choose to strip a person of their dignity, every time I strip myself of modesty, every time I strip away from the truth through lying and deception, I torture you whilst you bleed.

Jesus, I injure and bruise your body, every time I choose to satisfy my flesh, every time I choose to sin against my own body, every time I choose to lust after someone else’s body, I inflict agony onto your naked body.

Jesus, I punch your face, bruise your lip and knock out your teeth, every time I choose to insult someone, every time I curse and swear, every time I take your name in vain, I disfigure your once beautiful countenance.

Jesus, I spit at you with discontent, every time I look down on someone with contempt, every time I treat someone less than that of their worth, every time I gossip about someone, I look disgustedly upon you.

Jesus, I burden you with the heavy weight of the cross forcing you to fall three times, every time I fall back into the pit of anxiety and depression, every time I refuse to help carry someone else’s cross, every time I make someone else's life more difficult, I dislocate your shoulders.

Jesus, I nail your hands to the cross, every time I use my hands to take something that isn't mine, every time I choose to greed, every time I use my hands to hurt someone out of anger, I inflict torment to the palms of your hands.

Jesus, I nail your feet to the cross, every time I choose to walk over someone, every time I deny and turn away from you, every time I choose to not follow you, I dig those nails deeper into your flesh.

Jesus, I am guilty of crucifying you, every time I knowingly consent to sin…

During the season of Lent, I reflected a lot on the Passion narrative and it led me to place myself in the story and write the above. It made me think about all the times I fell short of the glory of God, and the ways in which I wounded my Lord and Saviour.

We're all guilty of sin and that makes us guilty for the sufferings Jesus endured. For whenever we fall into sin, we not only affect ourselves but a part of the body of Christ. You and I were the reason He endured the pain and humiliation, but He didn't condemn us. Instead, He willingly surrendered and offered us His life, love and forgiveness.

"For while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." - Romans 5:8

Jesus took the Cross, as a symbol of our sin and shame and transformed it into a symbol of our hope. He loved you sooo much that He was willing to die for you, as a slave to sin, so that our chains would be broken, and we would be set free. He died in shame but resurrected in glory. Our God poured out His love for us in the one act of Calvary. He carried your burden of sin and took the weight off your shoulders. He conquered evil, as the one pure scapegoat for mankind. He set this world free, so that you and I would no longer be captives to sin.

If sin and shame wrote the last few chapters of our lives, then grace which flowed from the cross will help you write the next few chapters. For if Jesus is the cornerstone of our lives, then His story is our story...


Created By Jessica Fernandes