• Jess

Do Not Be Anxious About Anything

“"I will give you back your health and heal your wounds," says the LORD.” Jeremiah 30:17

Sometimes the demons are the ones you can’t see - but just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they’re not there. The negative stigma attached to the pain and suffering you’re going through makes you want to pretend you ain’t really suffering and that panic attack you just had, didn’t “actually” happen. You’d think by now they would understand, but they have no clue what you’re living with. They can’t see that behind that fake smile, there’s an empty void within you.

The enemy claws at your mind. You can tell yourself it will be ok but the voice of the enemy inside your head will only scream louder. You feel like you're the only one going through this, but statistics show that one in five young people experience mental health issues. The thing is: you don’t choose whether or not you get anxiety, the enemy chooses you as his target practice instead. But there is hope…

You don’t need to feel tied down to the weight of this burden, in bondage to the pit of anxiety as God is trying to work with you and heal you whole again if you let him pull you out of that darkness, instead of living with the struggle.

“I am the voice crying in the wilderness. Make way for the Lord” – God is calling you out of the wilderness and into the light. He knows that you have been attacked and ripped apart, but He wants to show you a world beyond the scars. He wants to open up your eyes so that He can show you who He truly is and not what the enemy tricked you into believing. He wants you to build your life upon the firm foundations of His love, knowing that He will never forsake you.

God has already envisioned a place for you outside the darkness. When you admit to feelings of anxiety, it takes incredible strength and humility but allowing God’s grace to heal you through your brokenness is just the start of a journey to deliverance outside the realms of the enemy.

As God is raising you up, the enemy will use you as target practice. But with God as your defence, you will fight off the enemy and walk free with a confidence trust in the Lord, that every enemy will tremble under the authority that you walk in, just because of your association with the King of Kings.

Cast your anxieties onto Him and He will lift that weight of your shoulders. Jesus is asking you to trust Him wholeheartedly. God can take your anxieties and use it as a tool to show you that we were made for Heaven and that we need Him. God wants to teach us how to grow our faith in the face of anxiety and how to learn to trust in Him and walk in His strength.

He wants you to know that your anxiety doesn’t come from thinking about the future, but comes from wanting to control it, when God himself is saying “Let me control it”. Most of us believe that if we didn’t have anxiety, we would automatically have peace, but our perception of peace is perfection.

Until we surrender this expectation of perfection, we won’t truly experience peace within our own hearts. No one is perfect, but God. As a “perfectionist” myself, finally coming to terms that I will never be perfect allowed me to break free from the restrictions I was placing on myself. It made me realise that I needed God in my life – I needed His grace to flow freely within me.

If you experience brokenness and feel like no one can truly understand you, I want you to know that God already understands what your going through. God wants you to present your worries and fears to Him, so that He can be your councillor to give you peace, console your hearts and heal your wounds.

Put your confidence trust in the Lord and lift your head high knowing that the Lord your God is your ultimate protector and that every demon will tremble at your very presence, when walking in the footsteps of Christ Jesus.

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Created By Jessica Fernandes