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Abortion: Why I'm Pro Life

Disclaimer: Abortion is a very sensitive matter and I do not wish to offend anyone. As you know, I don’t agree with many things that this world normalises and abortion is one of them. In support of America’s March For Life rally, I feel passionate enough to speak out for what I see as an injustice and explain why I’m pro-life.

Abortion Is A Violation Of Our Human Rights

• It is always wrong to kill an innocent human.

• Abortion always kills an innocent human.

• Therefore, abortion is always wrong.

It is a biological fact, that human life begins at conception. At the moment of fertilisation, the unborn contains a complete and unique set of human DNA, making the unborn child fully human. Contrary to the myth that the unborn are no more than a clump of cells; provided with the right nutrients these cells can develop into fully formed organisms, who are alive and growing.

If the terms 'zygote, embryo, foetus, child and adult' all describe human development, shouldn’t we treat all human life equally, regardless of their stage in development? Being less developed doesn’t make you less human and if you are human, you deserve to be protected by law.

Although pro-choice advocators agree that the unborn are fully human, they claim that the unborn are not a “person” and therefore, it makes it ok to kill them. However, if a pregnant woman was to be murdered, the murderer would be charged with the homicide of not only the mother but of the baby too. In the eyes of the law, the baby is referred to as a person, because by definition homicide is the killing of one person by another. Yet, when it comes to abortion, pro-abortionists claim that the foetus is not a person and not worthy of our legal protection. This needs to change.

When pro-choice advocators regard the unborn as “just a clump of cells”, they insult every woman who has suffered from a miscarriage, because they tell them that there is no child to be remembered, no loss to be grieved and no pain to be felt.

Others use viability to justify why abortion is acceptable. Viability promotes the idea that if a child is not able to survive outside the womb by itself, then it is ok to kill them. But if you were to leave a 4-month-old baby on their own, how long do you think they would survive? Probably less than 24 to 48 hours. In this sense, a 4-month-old baby is not viable in the same way that the unborn child is not viable. Viability does not matter.

The pro-choice position argues that it is ok to kill a baby when they are at their maximum level of helplessness (in the womb). Yet, after birth, when the baby is a little less helpless, we have laws to protect that baby. How is it morally acceptable that when someone is at their maximum level of helplessness, we end their life, rather than assist them. The truth is all humans should be treated equally no matter how helpless they are or where they reside.

The reason abortion is wrong is that it violates the right to life for these very small human beings. Abortion is the discrimination and marginalisation of a defenceless people group, based upon where they reside - in the womb. If all humans are equal no matter their background, why do we deprive the most vulnerable of our human species the right to even live?

Why does it give more developed and bigger humans the right to kill smaller humans? The law should protect them as well as us and the womb should be a baby’s safe place. In the same way that we have animal cruelty bans, I just wish that the same level of care and protection would be shown to the most vulnerable of our own species.

Abortion Is An Inhumane Procedure:

When debating the pro-choice position, it surprises me how many people support abortion without knowing exactly how the surgical procedure works.

1st Trimester Abortions: involves the tearing apart of limbs through a suction machine.

2nd Trimester Abortions: involves dismembering the baby, limb to torso.

3rd Trimester Abortions: involves starving and poisoning the baby, before forcing a labour induced birth so that the mother can give birth to her dead baby.

In every stage of the abortion procedure, abortion violently takes the life of an innocent human being. Note that at 6 weeks (during the 1st Trimester) the baby has a heartbeat. Here’s a testimony from an ex-abortionist to describe the abortion procedure in more detail.

Abortion Is Never Safe

Many abortion advocators argue that if we were to make abortion illegal, people would still carry out backstreet abortions and it would put the mother at more risk. I agree, if abortion were to be carried out they should at least be safe and as safe for the child as it is for the mother. However, there is no safe way to have an abortion because half of the people involved end up dead.

Abortion preys upon desperate women and drives them to drastic measures. Abortion can have serious consequences to the health of the mother, which many women are not made aware off when they feel desperate. 1 in 10 abortions end up with infections in the womb. 1 in 20 cause serious complications when the pregnancy remains in the womb. 1 in 100 abortions lead to damage to the entrance of the womb and 1 in 1000 abortions lead to excessive bleeding and in some cases the need for a blood transfusion. Abortion only hurts women.

Saying that abortion should be legal because people will do it anyway, is like saying murder or rape should be legal because people will do it anyway.

Abortion Does Not Heal The Traumas Of Rape

I cannot begin to imagine what women who have suffered from rape or sexual abuse feel like. However, what I do know is that in the case of rape, 100% of the blame should be on the rapist. Rapists should be held fully accountable for their crime, but we don't even give the death penalty to rapists. So why would we give the death penalty to an innocent human being?

For many survivors of rape, abortion didn’t help them heal. Rather it added another layer of trauma, due to it being the second act of violence committed against their bodies. Abortion does not un-rape a woman, it only adds more trauma for her to cope with. Rather than assuming that abortion is what victims of rape need and want, why can’t we trust them when they say that abortion does not help them to heal? Abortion does not administer justice; it only administers more violence and trauma that cannot be undone. As a society, we should support women through emotional trauma, rather than make them feel like abortion is their only option.

Rape and incest are horrific crimes, which account for 1% of all abortions. When pro-choice advocators argue that abortion is justifiable in the case of rape, would you apply the same argument to a 2-year-old: killing her is justifiable because her father is a rapist? No, because the circumstances of your conception does not make you less human. To every person conceived in rape, abortion tells them that they are not wanted or valued in society. But your rights should not be dependent on whether or not you are wanted, but based on your humanity.

Abortion Is Anti-Women

Abortion is not a sign that women are free, but rather a sign that they are desperate. Abortion promotes the idea that women are weak and incapable; that motherhood is a drawback; fertility is a disease and that the unborn are disposable. If our fertility is not a disease, then abortion is simply not healthcare.

True feminism recognises the dignity of women and the gift of motherhood. Female empowerment is not defined by a women’s ability to terminate the life of her child.

“Abortion is profoundly anti-women. 3/4 of its victims are women: 1/2 of the babies and all of the mothers.” - Mother Theresa

As a society, we can do better because women deserve better than that. We should be doing more to help single mothers financially and to improve the foster care and adoption systems. As a society, we need to address the reason behind why women feel like abortion is their only option, rather than turning to killing, dismembering and poisoning the unborn as a solution for these problems.

If we want to move forward, we need to get rid of the lie that having a child restricts a woman from getting an education or their dream job. Fighting for equality should never be at the price of killing our own babies.

However, if a mother’s life is at risk and a medical procedure has to be done that terminates the life of the unborn, it is an unintended consequence, without intentionally killing the life of a human. It is not the same as an abortion. For instance, if 2 people were drowning, it would be moral of me to save at least one of them, even if I could not possibly save both. However, it would be morally wrong if I were to push down and drown one person. Abortion does just this, for it intentionally and deliberately ends the life of a human being and for these reasons I am pro-life.

“You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvellous—how well I know it. You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion, as I was woven together in the dark of the womb. You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.” — Psalms 139:13-16

If you’ve had an abortion or helped someone have an abortion, God’s love and mercy is sooo sooo sooo abundant. I hope that you turn to Him in your moment of crisis. To my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, I challenge you to consider spiritually adopting an unborn child at the risk of an abortion.

Spiritual adoption involves praying in particular for the legal protection of the unborn for 9 months and for their mothers who face uncertain futures. As believers, we need to speak out with love against the injustices inflicted onto the most vulnerable of our society and use our voices to speak out for the voiceless. Pro-Life is Pro-Women.


Created By Jessica Fernandes